CTC Churros “Time” Cinnarios

VO: Now you can enjoy new CTC Churros at Breakfast time…

Open on a box of CTC Churros and a bowl set at a kitchen table. Camera snaps back and we see Charlie the Churro sitting down for breakfast.

A Crazy Square pops out of the fridge with some milk, splashes it on Charlie, and chomps him up. He lands in Charlie’s seat, looking ravenously at the bowl of cereal.

VO: Snack time… (Blanket Fort)

A Crazy Square sits under a blanket fort with two Churros, who are actually holding it up. The Square gets hungry, chomps both Churros, and the blanket falls on his head.

VO: Snack time… (Back Seat)

Two Crazy Squares sit in the back seat of a car. A Churro is in the middle. The Squares open wide to eat the Churro, but a tongue flies in the car and snaps the Churro out. Cut to outside where a pedestrian Square is chewing the Churro.

NOTE: We would pick ONE of the following options

VO: Even once upon a time…

A Square and a Churro pour CinnaMilk over a seed. It instantly pops up and grows, taking the Square up to the sky with it. The Churro looks up in disbelief. A few crumbs fall down from the sky. The Churro licks them up like snowflakes.

Cut to the end logo, in fairy tale land. We see above the sky as a giant chases the Churro and Crazy Square.

VO: Even space time… (Deep Space)

A cup of CinnaMilk floats up in deep space. A Churro floats after it, trying to “swim” up. A Crazy Square floats up next, trying to get the Churro. He snaps at it like a dog, but his tether holds him back. The Churro keeps floating up.

Cut to the end logo. Everything’s floating. In the background, we see the Churro tumbling. The milk floats into position with the rest of the product shot. The orange floats like a planet.

VO: Even space time… (Sci-Fi Chase)


A Crazy Square chases a Churro across an alien landscape with holes everywhere. As the Churro gets away, eyes and then more Churros pop out of all the holes in the ground. They group attack the Crazy Square.

VO: Even game time… (Tetris)

It’s a Tetris game, but with Crazy Squares and Churros as the only shapes. A Churro wedges into position, waking up the Square below him. Cut wide to see a domino effect of chomping. The score goes down and down until only 1 point (and one Square) is left behind.

Cut to the end logo, which will have an arcade feel.

VO: Even game time… (Basketball)

A Churro dribbles a basketball with his tongue, then leaps up. He slam dunks the ball, but at the same time, a Crazy Square comes out of hiding from the backboard and CHOMPS the Churro. He lands on the ground and chews the Churro.

Cut to the end logo which is on the court.

VO: Even movie time…

We recreate a classic Indiana Jones style adventure scene. A Square is being chased by a Churro which is rolling at him like a giant log. The Square ducks in a ravine, but the rolling Churro chomps him up on the way down.

Cut to the end logo, which is adventure movie themed.

VO: Even at the dawn of time…

A Crazy Square makes the first fire. A Churro puts out the fire immediately with his cup of CinnaMilk. Milk gets onto the Square. The Churro chomps the Crazy Square. It will be another 2 million years before fire is re-discovered by humans.

Cut to the end logo, which is in prehistoric times.

VO: Introducing New CTC Churros.

VO: Churros for breakfast… or whenever.