An animated family takes a whimsical trip in a very real dodge.
Even the dog comes along for the ride!


Client: Dodge
Agency: BBDO/NY

Production Company: The Ebeling Group
Executive Producers: Mick Ebeling, Dex Deboree
Senior Producer: Sue Lee

Directorial Studio: XYZ Studios
Creative Director: Tim Kentley
Illustrations: Celeste Potter
Character Models: Jaime Fernande

Post-Production: CHRLX
CG Supervisor: Gong Myung Lee
VP Senior Producer: Steve Chiarello
Co-Producer: Jennifer Scelia
Lead Modeler: Alex Cheparev
Lead Character TD: Stephen Mann
Lead Animator: Anthony Tabtong
Lead Lighting TD: James Fisher
Modeler: Hung Ma
Modeler / Texture Artist: Han-Chin Lee
Texture Artist: Carlos Sandoval
Character TD: Andre Stuppert
Senior Animator: John Wilson
Senior Lighting TD: Jeff Chavez
Lighting TD: Will Atkin, Cesar Kuriyama, John Cook, Luis Cantillo, John Volny, Keith McMenamy, Quan Tran
Senior Flame Artist: Jesse Newman
Senior Smoke Editor: Rob Aiello