Verizon NFL VR

The Project:

Stadium Install w/VR Helmets

Stadium Install w/VR Helmets

Verizon wanted to do something big for NFL ‘15. They decided to build a VR experience at five of their franchise stadiums around the country. The conceit is that you put on a helmet and run through an entire play from the huddle to the end zone celebration through the eyes of the star running back.

CHRLX got the call to help bring this concept to life. Our experience with high-level CG and our ability to turn quality work around on a rigorous schedule worked to our favor.

We had a great time working on all the facets of this project, from mocap clean up to lighting, shading, and creating the stadiums, it never got old any time we threw on the headsets and ran through the play.

The Play:

We started by setting a motion capture record and capturing the motion data of 22 players at the same time. After that we cleaned up all of that information so that everything played back smoothly and as natural as possible.

The next step was to move everything into full 3D. We had full body scans of every player, uniform designs, and stadiums to match to. The bulk of our task was getting the lighting and mood right so that you really felt inside the skin of the play.

The spherical camera for the headset is hard to watch on a computer, so we created a flat camera which we also used for non-headset reviews.

1. Original Motion Capture Footage

3. Final VR Camera

2. Cleaned up Motion Capture Data

4. 50mm Preview Camera

Process Images: