HTC "Colors"

We had the good fortune of helping HTC unveil a couple of their phones.
The spots are very different, but connected by focused storytelling and a visual hook.


Client: HTC
Creative Director: Benjamin Bethurum

Production Company: CHRLX
Director: Kris Mercado
Creative Director / Producer: Julian Rad
Senior Producer: Corey Budro
Lead Designer / Animator: Hyesung Park
Animators: Kyle Derleth, Elliot Lim
Designer: Chisa Yagi

Lead 3D Animator: Tony Tabtong
3D Animator: Ken Music
Lead Modeler: Hung Kit Ma
Lead Rigger: Steve Mann
Rigger: Andre Stuppert
Lead Lighter: James Fisher
Lighters: Will Atkins, Frank Grecco, John Volny
CG Supervisor: Salar Saleh
Company Creative Director: Alex Weil
Composer / Sound Design: Luc Burson