Have you ever wondered what was inside the Air Zoom Elite 8
that made you so fast? Well, we've got the answer right here, in the form of
an 8-cylinder, 500hp, rocket-powered airbag.


Lead FX Artist: Alexey Cheprakov
Lead Lighter: Frank Grecco
Lighting TD's: Yun Cho, Will Atkin, Eric Schnell, Soo Hee Han
Pipeline TD: Paul Sultan
2D Designer/Animator: Dorian West
Reference Photographer: Noah Fowler

Sound Design: The Lodge
Sound Designer: Jeff Hinton
Creative Director: Colin Thibadeau

Director: Ryan Dunn
Creative Directors: Danil Krivoruchko,  Matt Wilson
Executive Producer: Corey Budro
Editor: John Zawisha, Mike Mendizibal
Storyboard Artist:: Armand Serrano
CG Supervisor: James Fisher
CG Lead: Entae Kim
Lead Animator: Tony Tabtong
Lead Modeler: Hung Ma
Modelers: Chin Lee
Lead Rigger: Steve Mann