Ken's Simple Solutions

What better way to visualize the struggles of cooking than with infographics made out of delicious foods all animated in stop-motion? Hint: there isn't one.


"Parent Life"

"Cooking Woes"



Post-Production Company: CHRLX
Creative Director: Ryan Dunn
Producers: Anna Toyama, Ben Famiglietti
Designer: Elliot Lim
Storyboard Artist: Tory Sica
Animator: Elaine Lee
Compositors: Ryan Dunn, Elaine Lee
Flame Artists: Suzanne Dyer, Mike Mendizibal

Client: Ken's Foods
Agency: MMB

Production Company: CHRLX
Director: Ryan Dunn
Producer: Lori Fechter
DP: Noah Fowler
Food Stylist: Elizabeth Bell Barr
Stop-Motion Animators: Josh Mahan, Esther Casas, Brian Haimes
Riggers: Brian Haimes, Taili Wu